Tilt, graphite drawing ©Dale Marie Muller


11x15 Graphite Drawing
© Dale Marie Muller

"Art in many ways is therapeutic for me. It often parallels with events going on around me and experiences that affect my personal life. This piece was an expression of grief of loss and coping with the process of death and it's unexplained beauty.

There are over 500 species of swallowtail butterfly worldwide. The short tails on the hind-wings is where this butterfly takes it’s name. Adult butterflies can feed on the sugary flower nectar which it sips by extending its long, curled tongue into flowers. Each of its eyes consists of hundreds of facets, each with a tiny lens. The compound eye cannot create a single, focused image, but it can detect movement from any angle. The life span of the swallowtail butterfly is short, typically only a few weeks."

-Dale Marie Muller