Winter Shroud, graphite drawing ©Dale Marie Muller

Winter Shroud

12x18 Graphite Drawing
© Dale Marie Muller

"As bison prepare for the warmer temperatures of the summer months, they fully shed their winter coats. I always find it a unique time to see this massive animal in this transition. I'm always fascinated that they have endured the harsh winter that Yellowstone experiences, with sub zero temperature for months at a time. As the snow melts in the lower valleys of the park they begin to molt their tick, wooly insulation, exposing their smooth summer coat underneath. I saw this bison in early June, the air was warm and it was slightly raining. it was a great opportunity to see it's huge head and heavily mantled shoulders in such amazing detail, as it powerfully walked right passed me. the beautiful texture, it's intriguing design and soft light inspired me to draw this moment."

-Dale Marie Muller